Peterhead coastline with lighthouse and vessel

Peterhead coastline
Peterhead coastline

Sailing out of Peterhead harbour and heading North the light is constantly changing through the mostly leaden sky. The fleeting light occasionally creating interest both on the North Sea and the land behind.

This lighthouse is a favourite of mine due to its … lighthousey-ness! At this time of day there is no light on, but with the bright side-light it still stands out nicely even against the well lit land.

Watching the supply vessel Sea Spider steam into the area it is just a matter of choosing the best place to have it in the frame, and hoping the light stays good. In this case the planets aligned and the position and light were more or less ideal.

It may just be me, but I feel the light on the rear of the vessel superstructure helps to “push” the vessel into the frame. If the bright light was on the front of the vessel it would “push” back towards the left. Your mileage may vary.