Happy New Year 2014!

Bye bye 2013 …

Seven Osprey at Peterhead harbour

And hello to a new year, new website, new me.

Well the new me bit is a little far fetched, but the rest is correct. For a good while now I have been organising and re-working my photographs in order to get as many online as possible. Better here than sitting on a dusty old hard drive with no-one to keep them company …

For now I am concentrating on finishing up my offshore/seascape photographs, so those will be the first ones published here (but don’t be surprised if the odd landscape makes an appearance!).

This year has shown me that there is more interest in my seascapes than I had realised. Beforehand I never really gave the seascapes much time, as I felt they were something just for me. They were my practice photos for when I got the opportunity to take “real” photographs of landscapes. But now I look back I actually feel there are some pretty strong photos in this collection that were taken with as much care and passion as any of my landscapes.

And so it is that I have pieced together a few small portfolios of my best/favourite seascape photos taken over the last decade and a half and stuck them up here to see in 2014. The rest will follow as I complete them in batches and once I feel I have have exhausted the seascape idea my landscapes will follow.

You can still see my previous galleries here where they will stay until everything is transferred onto this website.

If you see any photographs here that you like and think someone else might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to share across the usual social networks. You will see the relevant icons below each photo and portfolio/album.

May your 2014 be your 2013 … plus one!